Test Answer Key- How Much Did You Remember?

1) Multiple Choice: Why does George hesitate before drinking out of the pool of water? Chapter 1, Page 3
            C) George is concerned about the water's quality, because it looks scummy.

2) Multiple Choice: 
What is George's reaction when Lennie offers to go live in a cave? Chapter 1, Page 13
            A) George claims he was just fooling around, and offers him a puppy to soothe his need of petting soft things.

3) Short Response:
In the earlier chapters, how can one foreshadow trouble between George, Lennie and Curley?
          Example Response From the moment, George, Lennie and Curley meet in Chapter Two, the audience can foreshadow trouble between the three guys. When Curley orders George to "Let the big guy talk," he gives Lennie a hard time and orders him to speak when he is spoken to. When Curley leaves, George asks Candy what Curley's problem is with Lennie, and Candy explains how he is like a lot of little guys; he hates big guys. They also talk about Curley's wife, who just makes George reinforce his order for Lennie to stay away from both of them. At the end of the Chapter, George worries about tangling with Curley.

4) Short Response: Why does George begin to trust Slim begining in Chapter 3, and how can you tell?
        Example Response: When Chapter Three starts, George is thanking Slim for giving Lennie a puppy. The two start a conversation about Lennie, his ability to work despite that he isn't bright... The reader can tell George starts trusting Slim when he tells about Lennie's Aunt, their togetherness, and the incident in Weed.

5) Essay Question: In PARAGRAPH Format, Explain why it is funny and unusual for George and Lennie to travel together. Then, explain the reason for them being together. What does the audience learn about Lennie's Aunt Clara? Include BOTH direct and indirect quotes.
        Example Response: 
                From the moment George and Lennie first arrive at the ranch the audience can predict something fishy about the companionship between the two ranch hands. In Chapter Three,the audience really begins to understand the companionship through George’s conversation with Slim. In result of Slim letting Lennie have a puppy, and then praising his ability to work hard, George reveals some of his and Lennie’s past causing the reader to understand  why the companionship is unusual and why they have the companionship.  Slim comments that “It is kind of funny that a dumb guy like Lennie, and a smart guy like George would be going around together.” (INDIRECT Pg. 39) George response kind of in a way to make the audience know he offended, “Lennie isn’t cuckoo, dumb, but not crazy. Our companionship isn’t funny either” (INDIRECT Pg. 39)  When Slim continues to sit quietly and ready to listen, George explains why Lennie stays with him, and the audience learns about Lennie’s infamous Aunt Clara. George explains, “Him and me was both born in Auburn. I knowed his Aunt Clara. She took him when he was a baby and raised him up. When his Aunt Clara died, Lennie just come along with me out workin’. Got use to one another after a little while.” (DIRECT Pg. 40)  We learn that George used to think it was fun to play jokes on Lennie, untill one incident went too far. “Tell you what made me stop that. One day a bunch of guys was standin’ around up on the Sacramento River. I was feelin’ pretty smart. I turns to Lennie and says, ‘Jump in.’ An’ he jumps. Couldn’t swim a stroke. He damn near drowned before we could get him. An’ he was so damn nice to me for pulling him out. Clean forgot I told him to jump in. Well, I ain’t done nothing like that no more” (DIRECT Pg. 40) The audience learns that without Lennie, George has nobody, other ranch hands go around without anybody. George knows Lennie is mostly a ‘God dam nuisance,’ but he claims that you get used to having Lennie around, and you can’t get rid of him.


6) Short Response: What incident caused George to stop playing jokes on Lennie? What incident happen in Weed and how did George and Lennie escape? Chapter 3, Pages 41-42

     Example Response: The incident that cause George to stop playing jokes on Lennie is when Lennie actually obeyed one of George’s jokes, in which he jumped in a river, and nearly drowned. In Weed another incident happened, in which Lennie touched a girl in a red dress he liked. The girl screams, and Lennie freezes, scared and not knowing what to do. Forcefully George removed Lennie from the dress,  the girl claims she’d been raped, and has some guys in Weed sent out to find them. George and Lennie hid out in a irrigation ditch underwater that day, and escaped that night.

7) Multiple Choice:
What were the reasons for executing Candy's dog? Chapter 3, Pages 44-48
            C) The idea of excution starts a conversation when a ranch hand complains about the smelly, and ancient dog. The ranch hand claims that the dog is no good to himself, old and crippled. Candy is finally persuaded and agrees to let them shoot the dog.

8) Short Response: Explain the causes of Curley's crushed hand, and then explain why he agrees not to tell anybody else. Chapter 3, Pages 62-65
    Example Response: The causes of Lennie’s crushed hand starts when Lennie starts laughing along with Carlson and Candy. Having a excuse to pick on a big guy, Curley picks a fight with Lennie. When George orders him to fight back, Lennie encloses Curley’s fist in his hand, crushing all the bones. Slim persuades Curley into not telling  by threating that if he told on Lennie the ranch hands will tell everyone the truth, and Curley will be laughed at.

9)Short Response:
Describe Crooks proud aloofness. How does that affect his attitude toward Lennie when Lennie enters to see his puppy? Chapter 4, Pages 66-70

    Example Response: Crooks character is made to seem to be even more aloof and solitary than the other ranch hands. His race separates him from the other ranch hands, but being alone allows him to leave his belongings out  without a care. Being crippled, Crooks is more perment in where he stays causing him to have more possessions, but as a proud and aloof man Crooks keep his room swept, and neat. Being proud of his aloofness Crooks keep his distance from others, and orders personal space. When Lennie enters to see his puppy Crooks sharply shoos Lennie away, and sets boundries. He claims that Lennie has no bussiness in the barn, but when Lennie explains about the puppy, Crooks scowled but let him in.

10) Multiple Choice: 
How did Lennie kill the puppy? Why doesn't Lennie try to hide it, or decide to tell George he found it dead? Chapter 5, Pages 85 & 87
           D) Lennie accidently kills the puppy by smacking him. He knows George will find out, so he doesn't try to hide it, nor does he tell George.

11) Short Response:
How did Lennie kill Curley's wife? What does Lennie do with the bodies of the puppy and Curley's wife.  Chapter 5, Pages 91-93

    Example Response:  When Lennie accidently messes up Curley’s wife’s hair, and Curley’s wife cries angrily, Lennie panics, and covers her faces attempting to keep her quiet, Lennie suffocates her without realizing. Knowing he’d done a real bad thing,  Lennie decides to throw the puppy away knowing having the ranch hands find Curley’s wife dead will be bad enough. Lennie starts to cover Curley’s wife with hay, until he remembers George’s instruction that if something bad happen to go hide in a bush. He leaves Curley’s wife partially covered, and puts the pup under his coat, so that he can get rid of it before anyone knows he killed the pup as well.

12) Multiple Choice: 
What does Lennie remember that causes him to leave? Chapter 5, Page 92
           D) He remember George instructing that if there was trouble he is to go hide in a bush and wait for him to come.

13) Short Response:
Who finds Curley's dead wife first? Describe the plan he and George thinks of, and explain why it doesn't work. Chapter 5, Pages 93-95

    Example Response: When Candy comes looking for Lennie, he finds Curley’s wife first. He takes awhile to realize she’s dead, but immediately goes and retrieves George when he looked close enough to realize what had happen. Knowing the other ranch hands will think George instructed Lennie to attack, George instruct Candy to tell the others about Curley’s wife, while he acts like he just came from the bunkhouse, and doesn’t know what happen. After George leaves, and the others find Curley’s wife, Curley immediately accuses Lennie, and without hesitation the ranch hands start to retrive their weapons.

14) Essay Question:
In your opinion, was George shooting Lennie back by Salinas River, the only way to keep Curley from killing Lennie? Was it fate? Do you think someone elso should of did the duty? Was it the proper way to end the story? If not how do you think it should of ended? Action Scene Pages 105-107 (NO SPECIFIC PAGES- OPINION QUESTION)

Example Response #1:

                I believe that the only way to keep Curley from killing Lennie WAS having George kill Lennie before Curley had the opportunity. I think it would best be described as fate, because I believe that George calling Lennie a bother, and having to be with him all the time was leading to this moment. I think the only proper ending WOULD have George mercifully kill Lennie, because Lennie would be frightened if anybody else found him. In addition I believe if anyone had to kill him, George would have to perform the duty because he knows Lennie situation better than any of the other ranch hands, and he had to deal with Lennie the most.

Example Respose #2:
              I believe that Steinbeck robbed the story by ending it with George killing his companion. Since George originally went ahead of the others anyway, I think they had a chance to escape in a similar way the two escaped in Weed. The story could of easily continued with them escaping  to the next ranch, or they could of went on to their own ranch.

15)  Short Response:
Why does Slim understand George's decision, and what does Curley mean when he asks "What's eating them two guys?" Action Scene Page 107
    Example Response:The only ranch hand that understands why George killed Lennie is Slim, this is because of the relationship that built between the two ranch hands. Back in Chapter three, George tells Slim about the relationship between him and Lennie, and about their past. At that point, Slim agrees to help George defend Lennie from Curley. When George kills Lennie while leaving the other behind, only Slim knows what George had done, and only he would understand the reason behind George’s decision. Slim also understands that George had to be the one, because of the companionship between George and Lennie. On the other hand, Curley and Carlson think Lennie shot himself on accident, and wouldn’t understand George’s reason if the had seen what happen, because they don’t really understand the companionship, nor do they have a strong enough relationship with George to have had a comphrehendable conversation. When Curley says, “What’s eating them to guys?,” he means “Why are they so upset?”, or “What is going on?”.